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We recognise how valuable your time is and appreciate that you might not always be able to book with us during opening hours. Our online booking tool allows our customers to book 24/7 by simply entering your car registration for an instant quote and booking.

If you feel like there’s something wrong with your vehicle in between your MOT or service, we provide a simple and efficient diagnostic check to find the route of any problems. Our highly qualified team at Charminster Auto Repairs have access to pioneering technology and equipment that can diagnose and identify any potential issues with your vehicle.

Most of you know your own car or van and how it naturally drives so, in addition to any warning lights or strange noises coming from your car, you’ll be aware if there’s something wrong. Most of our customers worry that their car won’t make it through their MOT, so getting the problem checked out as soon as possible can prevent a failed MOT and any costly bills further down the line.

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Our Simple Process

Charminster Auto Repairs provides a professional and affordable diagnostic check on your car should there be any signs of trouble. Once you’re booked in, we’ll take a look at any potential problems and let you know as soon as possible if there’s anything wrong. We pride ourselves on being upfront about any repairs that need doing, and will never conduct any work without your say so. We’ll run through the issues with you, without the waffle, and clarify any associated costs, so you can advise us on how you want to progress.

Our mechanics at Charminster Auto Repairs, have your best interests at heart and will only do work that needs to be done to keep you safe on the roads. In most cases, faults can be diagnosed quickly and our affordable prices mean you can get driving again as soon as possible. In the case of any major faults, we will always give you a fair price and an honest description of what the problem is and how long it will take. We also offer a free courtesy car option for customers who need an alternative means of transport.

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Book online or contact us using our online booking tool or contact us form. We’ll be able to take a look at your car and let you know if there are any faults when you come in. We offer a fantastic waiting room with refreshments, or you can drop your car off and come and pick it up later when it’s ready.

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