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Here at Charminster Auto Repairs we offer a comprehensive air conditioning service for every model of car including commercial vehicles. We provide a professional and dependable service, to make sure that your air conditioning is in working order.

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Why is it important?

Generally, air conditioning units built within your car are reliable and subject to few problems, which is great when you rely on them during the hot summer months. However, your air control system is just as important during the winter, not only to warm you up but to clear any fogging on your window screen.

The main reason for routine maintenance of your air conditioning is to keep it cool and clean. This keeps it in good working order and prevents it from getting any worse. You also normally pay additional money for your vehicle to have an air conditioning system built in, so maintaining a healthy system will help keep up the value of your car. One of the best reasons to keep your air conditioning system in tip-top condition is so that you can be comfortable when driving.

Often problems with the air conditioning system can be overlooked or delayed, especially during the winter months. But it’s worth getting your air conditioning checked out at the first sign of trouble as due to the complexity of the components, it can be quite costly to repair.

What’s the problem?

Without boring you with complicated mechanical jargon – your air conditioning system is made up of lots of different components, and like all mechanical parts they can be subject to daily wear and tear. The car’s air con system is made up of a condenser, compressor, evaporator, control system, valves and the refrigerant system so, whilst some problems can be an easy fix, it might be necessary to check each component to make sure they are all in working order.

Generally, there will be two issues that can occur with your air conditioning system. If your car is blowing too much cold air, it’s likely to indicate there is a blockage somewhere in the system that is forcing more air than normal out of all the vents upstream from the blockage. If, however, the system is not blowing out enough cold air it usually means there is a leak.

How is it fixed?

At Charminster Auto Repairs, we will perform a detailed air conditioning check that won’t take up too much of your time. We’ll check each component to establish the source of the problem. It might just need a simple re-charge or re-gas but we will identify and further repairs that may need to be carried out. We’ll contact you before we conduct any work to make sure you are happy and it’s affordable for you. Then our expert mechanics will get to work, and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Service, repair or re-gas

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